Monday, 31 October 2011


 story begins wid a touch of sci-fic element wer in things in virtuality hold a mere status of den moves to d house of jeevan shekar(sharukh),,a happy man wid spouse sonia(kareena) nd their son prateik...jeevan is a tamilian married to a north indian girl who lives abroad nd works as a programmer in a gaming company...wen d company decides 2 launch its new game, jeevan comes wid an idea of such a game wer in d antagonist,i.e d villain is more powerful than d hero,,which is his son,prateik's brainchild who has gr8 skill nd passion for gaming..The work for d game progresses nd jeevan is finally succesful in launchin his motion game,,d game in whch g-one is d hero who has jeevan's avatar in d game..Nw tht's nt all wer it ends..the director then portrays his weaving ability to linkup virtuality nd... more 

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